Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bob-o's wasting $90 again.....or Bobby Enters the Hartford marathon.

Well this week is pay week and I've decided that since my runs splits have been stellar this season, and after doing 2 tweleve milers this week and scheduling a 15-20 miler for Wednesday, I decided that come payday I'm going to run Hartford again. Last year this race finished me off on a high note and with all the goings on in my life I really need something that will end my season on a high note, plus if all goes well this might be my last time running it as a Connecticut Resident. So over the past 3 weeks I've been upping the run mileage and using my training runs as therapy for the stress of my home life. Last week I was hit with some positive news in that I might get a job down south, last night I started dating a longtime friend, and this morning a contact for another job said he would start flexing his muscles, so things are starting to move in a positive direction and hopefully within the next two weeks I will have a clearer picture of which direction my life is heading. Also Cranky Runner if you're out there man, I need a pacer!

Also to all my readers, my internet access is still intermitent so if you need to contact me, shoot me an email @ Don't feel bad if I've fallen behind on your blogs I do try to catch up when ever I can manage to sneak into a Panera, or the CCSU computer lab. From what I'm able to disertain from the quick reads I've had so far everyone seems to be getting into gear and ready to rock and roll their late season races and off season training.
So that's it from me I promise I'll have more steady posts as my access to the net improves.

Moving Forward