Friday, November 16, 2007

The Freeze Your Tail Off 75

When: This Saturday November 17, 2007 @ 1:30PM ( I have to work and it takes me about an hour to get up there so this is the safest bet.)

Where: Lake Waramaug State Park, Warren CT ( go past the beach club straight until the stop sign. Take a left at the stop sign the park is on the right.

What the ride entails: A multiple loop of the 7.5 mile lake ( about 10 laps bu t if you want to do less its cool It's not an organized event just one of my Ironman trainning rides but hey if i can share the wealth cool.) a possible excursion into the surrounding country side ( depends on traffic and weather)

What to bring: Cold Weather Cycling gear ( wool socks, long sleeves, tights ( optional), gloves, beanie, common sense stuff). Fuel ( gu, hammer gel, sport beans , clif bars, snickers, ham sandwich...what ever keeps you going.) Water, Gatorade, toilet paper (the out houses run out) Helmet, gear to change flats ( no mechanic on site).

Like I said this is a training ride not an official event I have no liability insurance, it just sort of a loose bring you bike and log some miles affair, so if you're looking at winning some sort of jersey, or post race rub down,this is not that kind of ride, it's sort of a kick back, log the miles and enjoy (hopefully semi-warm) weather with a couple other enthusiasts.

Hope to see some people out there.
P.s. Ken, yes I am posting this info on the HEAT forum


No Wetsuit Girl said...

OH NO!!! My internet was down yesterday and this is the first I heard of it!!! I'll see if I can get my hands on a car in a hurry!!!

No Wetsuit Girl said...


No Wetsuit Girl said...

Please get my number from Angry in case there are any problems. I'll meet you at the start to Nutmeg state?