Friday, December 7, 2007

The Man's got me down.....

Yep, the MAN has struck again and has wrecked my training plans plus given me a little more added stress at this already lovely time of year.

First, anthropology project due Tuesday. I've done research and will be able to crank out the project and paper, its just time consuming....hours spent at computer = hours not spent on the road...ugggg!

Second, Mid-East History Take Home Final due on the 16th: Pretty much a long winded rant on Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Arab Israeli Conflict.....this could be fun but could also make me a target on several hit lists.

Third, Got in trouble for doing laps while lifeguarding . There was no one in the pool and the other guards and I have this "unspoken agreement" that we will cover for one another if anyone wants to do laps when there is no one in the pool but I can see from my boss's point of view too liability, liability, LIABILITY

Fourth, A lot of Christmas Shopping to do and not enough dinero to get it done. I've got 9 family members + 3 co workers + 2 chicks I guard with + 1 Hot Young thing + 3 brothers from other mothers + 1 femme sans I have roughly 20 people to shop for...if You don't get gifts until Jan 7 bear with me.

Fifth, It's supposed to be one of the best Saturdays in the last 3 weeks and I have to spend it typing instead of riding....or do I...... if you see me at WalMart grabbing a 24 case of RED BULL you know I will be pulling an all-nighter after getting in a brick of gloriousness.

Sixith, I am seriously falling for Hot young Thing, a 20 year old Cross Country goddess/competitive cyclist. as Ken would say, she's "a girl that gets it." The only thing is I want to play this on the down low because I don't want to screw this up and have what has happened with 4 of the last 6 girls: I've crashed, burned, and barely been identified through dna and dental records. 2 of the last 6 girlfriends I was able to keep up descent friendships but the other 4 was ugly and I don't want that....I don't like walking into a room and making everyone in it feel of the reasons I normally stay as isolated as possible, also part of it is guilty Catholic boy syndrome; whether I was at fault or not I believe I'm always the one at fault...and therefore must suffer the consequences, and the fact that I can get too emotionally attached over a short period of I try to keep how I feel on the down low, although alot of time hormone and emotion takes over and I come on too strong....oh crap I just showed emotion , time to run 20 miles without water and a 50 pound weight on my back to prove I'm still callus...then retire to my room for the rest of the year....coming out only for food, work, class, and training.....just kidding on that last part...but I don't want to screw things up, granted I probably just did bearing my soul on an internet blog......( pounds head against wall)

So yes that is what has been going on in the life of this overtaxed Ironman to be. Yesterday I got in a 7 miler, first time I ran since Monday and it felt good. Also you know you're hardcore if you can run in 20 degree weather in shorts, a long sleeve shirt, and gloves...yes I did that yesterday and did not get pneumonia so I AM BADASS!

For those of you that read my last post and my rant on the slow pace of ALS research, AIDS research and my frustration with the American Medical Research was just a rant based on the early stages of my research for said anthropology project, and not a fully conclusive study...although I still am frustrated by the slow moving pace of research and drug/insurance company agendas playing a major role in health care....rant over.

Well those are my ramblings for the day.....

The Triathlete of the Tundra



Angry Runner said...

You may almost inspire a post about capital movements in biotech. Almost...

rocketpants said...

Ohh...term papers are not fun. Hang in there...semester is almost over.

And even if there was copious amounts of money FLOODING research facilities...research would still be slow. There is no way around it. As a recovering graduate student who was in the sciences,I spent many a day just pounding my head against the wall. We all do hope for a cure for these diseases one day it just takes a long time with research.

Speed Racer said...

The best thing you can do: LISTEN TO HER. I don't mean idolize her. I don't mean listen for chances to tell her about you. I mean, make her feel like her life is exciting. Women love that.

I sho' hope I'm not the "femme sans neoprene" on your Xmas list. But if there's another one out there, WHO IS SHE?! She better watch her back, no one steals my online identity and gets away with it!

Bob Almighty said...

Angry: I'm glad I am almost an inspiration.

Rocket:You were a science guy? Well with all the control groups and variable groups, and interst groups I know research takes a just boggles my mind/pisses me off that we have dozens of Cures for ED and Hairloss, yet AIDS,ALS, MS and Alzheimers have nothing substancial.

Claire: Yes you are on my holiday shopping list...anyone who drives 2to 3 hours to freeze their ass off with me on a training ride deserves something.