Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cleaning out the closet....

Recently I've looked into becoming a Financial Advisor for a Fortune 500 Company. The first year would go well as I would be under base salary, but afterward it is all Commission and after my parents exploits in the real estate world I'm very leery of commission based salary. So if I am offered the position I am very uncertain if I should take it, especially in Today's bipolar economy.

By the Fall of 2009 I want to have my Bachelor's in hand and a profitable career, whether it will be in business or education I am uncertain ( although I'm leaning to business.)

Gulp here it goes....Upon reading my posts from New Zealand and comparing the way I felt then and the way I feel now ..if I can wing it I'm going back mostly to catch up with some friendsI have down there and up the ante in the Claire/Bob bike war. I figure some time out of the icebox that is Connecticut in March will help regcharge my batteries. I need to step out of the fiasco that has become my home life. I need a breather from school, the financial world and some time to regroup. Getting a Kona slot before I turn 25 would also help bolster some confidence, but quite frankly I need to go somewhere less uptight to chill.

Upon the fiscal crap that ran me into the ground this year I've decided at the most I'm doing 6 races next year 2 IMs, the Patriot, and the Griskus series, Nutmegman is a maybe, because I will need a tune up for Arizona, but it depends on how I look financially next Spetember.

I hope at this point next year to be either in my own place or saving up enough to get my own place, whether or not I stay in New England remains to be seen, but I would like to be some place a little warmer in the winter time...shove that in your pipe OPEC.

IM Arizona looks like it will be Bob and Bjoern take the West by storm. There will be a smack talk blog set up once our entries are confirmed.....

Still rebounding from the credit crunch, it is a slow, painstaking process, my parent's deciding a career change to an entirely commissioned based occupation and in one of the worst housing markets in decades ( granted if they survive they stand to make a lot in the rebound.) hasn't helpped and my digging into my credit to get us through until unemployment/severance kicked in, plus Eagleman hitting about the same time put me in a really bad spot all in all I should be fixed up by September, as most stuff is caught up, it's just trying to rebalance everything until my student loan hits then the big bills will be caught up and ahead, and I'll be able to eliminate some of my smaller money suckers, and I should have enough for summer courses, books for spring, and enough for gas that I can spend my hard earned coin for one trip to visit one hot photographer, her roomie and BF and smart alec sports writer and some crazy feat of strength in the Southern Hemisphere .

I seriously need to get in touch with my friends, Adam moved to NYC about a month ago and I haven't talked to him since Nashville Ryan came up for a week back in June. Angry seems to have dropped off the face of the earth although he's probably getting settled in the G-spot. My friend Greg's been trying to get in touch with me for months, but our schedules have been hit or miss. Bjoern's on Strong Island and then off to Austria. I met up occassionally with the guys from HEAT up at West Hill Pond but for the most part I've been a hermit since I got back from NZ in March, because at first it was papers, and classes now it's bills and training, maybe I'm just one of those guys that's meant to be alone....

So in recap
Applying for a more profitable job...but afraid of the risk.
Bob-o's looking to go back to Taupo
Catching up finally on the bills.
Need to get some human contact again....

So that's what's been bouncing through my head, and yes it is a scary place.


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iron-boyer said...

Sometimes you have to take risks. If you don't try you won't ever find out if it was profitable. Good Luck on that!
P.S. We have free lodging in Tempe, AZ :) Read my blog about that...
And by the way...I promise I will be back in CT in January so you are not that alone anymore :D