Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I really want for Christmas...

Well it's that time again, my parents ask me what I wanted for Christmas ( seriously I'm 23 why do my parents feel they have to spend the coin they have on me their 23 year old working son, I mean my siblings, 2 middle schoolers, a high schooler and a broke college student fine , but I mostly buy what I want / need and make due with what I've got.) So I usually tell them get me something practical, new work clothes, socks, a bathing suit or 2, a bag of toe warmers so I can do my winter riding, maybe a DVD...little things. Now if money was no object absolutely nothing was off limits here are the top ten things I'd want for Christmas:

1.Winter House in San Diego, paid for in full, utilities included.

2. A Specialized S works Transition, loaded with either SRAM RED or Shimano Dura Ace, Zipp 808's, and since this is a fantasy painted Red, Black and White with Flames (HEAT livery.) X 2 you know just so I have one at the Winter house.

3. Blue Seventy Helix Wetsuit.

4. 3 pairs New Balnace 968' or whatever type I'm using now, seriously they feel like sex on my feet. I think my calves just had an orgasm.

5. about $500k in cash would be nice.

6. Entry and airfare to Ironman New Zealand for 2009...and 2010, 2011, 2012...

7. A house in Taupo, New Zealand, preferably big enough that I could rent out rooms at low, low low prices.

8. A Specialized Tarmac S works ( painted like the transition S-works.)

9. A girl who shall remain anonymous showing up at my door wearing a red bow...I'm not going to go into more details but let's just say I'm human afterall.

10. A "pointy" or aero helmet, that is certified by " xyzlmnop" to quote Claire and Mary.

Alright some of these things are really out there but a guy can dream can't he? another lifetime...

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IronMatron said...

I want all of those things too, except for #9, which I might want in guy form if I just wasn't 10 years into marriage... :)
Yes, we can dream.
You think Santa would agree to letting us split the goods? I would be willing to do NZ every other year...