Thursday, July 30, 2009

My hips hate me....

Well the last two days I've been abusing my hips. Tuesday was a 35 mile ride on the Griskus loops. Yesterday I got out of work early and hauled to the Waterbury Y to focus on technique from my Yoda on the Kettlebells Alexi. I will say this I have felt the power of the clean and Turkish Get up and I like them. My weight session yesterday looked like this.

Squats :
1set 12 @ 95lbs.
2Xof 105lbs.
Yes I know I'm weak.

10 with a 4kgkettlebell focusing on technique...need to upgrade to a heavier kettlebell. Just got to work on getting that foot back faster.

10 each hand w/12kg kettlebell. Got to focus on using the hips more than my arms.

Back hyper extensions:
3x10 with 25lbs. plate.

60 Medine ball pass- throughs

90 crucnches.

I followed up my Weight room exploits with 4100 yards in the pool

Main set
4x 400 swim on 5:30 /200 pull on 3:00

Not a bad few days of training. Tonight a run. Tomorrow more weights and swimming.

Saturday a long ride don't know how far yet because I have to pack go back home and crash on my parent's couch for a while and figure out where I'm moving to. Hopefully I'll hear back from one of my jobs soon. I've got at least 10 apps out so hopefully something will come through. My degree requirements are officially complete so hopefully the interviews will be starting sooner rather than later.

Well that's all from the neighborhood.

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iron-boyer said...

but your hips will thank you later ;)
Looks like good old Rob is back.