Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm back..

Well ok I'm using my Alumni privlegdes at CCSU to access the inter web...hence the reason for my non existent blog. This week was hetic and involved moving 2 sisters to Newport, moving one sister back from Newport, one of my Golden retrivers keeling over, being broke, still not having any luck on the job front and having one bud come up to visit from Nashville, essentially my life has been a country song. People keep asking me if I'm going to race, hell one of my friends managed to get me an inside line to a sponsor. Part of me is like yes I want to call and get sponsored and race to my hearts content. The other is like dude, you've got bills to pay, jobs to find an apartment to get...etc...give up the stupid tri crap already...hell you haven't raced in a month and other than gaining 5 lbs. and about 50 gray hairs, nothing really horrible has happended to you...So I'm seriously up in the air about 2010...hell I'm up in the air on where I'm going to be living in 2010. Alright enough of my sprial....

Claire is getting ready to kick mas ass at Cozmuel. Bullet kicked some serious ass at Plymouth Rock, and Judi, John Hirsch, and my training partner Tony L decimated Louisville. Reading their stories has made me want to get back into hardcore training and do an Ironman again in 2010...Hopefully the fates will allow that to happen. As of now there is nothing on tap. I'm batting around the idea of the Hartford Marathon but I'm just not really sure if it would be wise on the fiscal front. Plus my training has been hodge podge granted I'm back up to doing a 12-15 mile weekly long run. The last few days I've sort of slacked off on my training granted I was driving back and forth to Newport, on both occasions. So tomorrow I'm hoping to get back into to a stable training routine. I rode with Josie on Monday taking full advantadge of good riding weather. She is definitely ready to tackle Redman.

Again my apologies on my slack blogging hopefully somethings will work out I'll get myself a stable and real job and hopefully have my own place and stable internet connection soon.
Until then happy blogging and training people.

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Bullet said...

Sorry to hear things are rough right now. I might crawl in a hole for a while if my dog died. Hope things improve and life edges back toward normalcy. Keep fighting the good fight.