Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Monster PR

Well ok it was only by about 5 minutes. I pulled a 3:21:27 this morning in Hartford. A big shout out to the "Anti-Pace Team Pace-Team" consisting of Cranky Runner, this dude Ari and myself. The 3 of us held with the 3:10 pace squad for about 12 miles before the 7:09, intervals became too much. To put things in persepective on how fast the pace leader was going I pulled a Half Marathon PR in the race. Eclispsing my previous best by nearly 2 minutes. Going a 1:34:59. Sadly my legs would pay for this later as mile 24 and 25 were well above my 7:47 average. also huge shout out for Josie for plowing through a crowd of 50 people about 200 meters to the finish line. I may have been in pain but it certainly put a smile on my face.

Now back to watching Kona. Chris Lieto is leading on the marathon as Macca and Faris are running him down in hot pursuit.

On the *yawn* Chrissie Wellington Show....I mean women's race, Chrissie Wellington is gunning for a top 10 overall spot, and the rest of the women are trying to keep the lead from going over 15 minutes.

My legs ache just watching...


Bullet said...

Nice work. I'm extremely jealous. Yet another race where Crowie chases down Lieto. Gotta give it to Lieto for going balls out on the bike.

Speed Racer said...

That's it?! That's all the race report we get?
I'd be curious to see what you could do if you paced a marathon like they say you're supposed to... Either way, congratulations! Awesome job.

Was this in racing flats?