Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Maybe I might be good at this Xterra Crap...

Well ok after purging the negativity about my endless quest for more gainful and meaningful employment I've decided to write about what this blog was started for. Chronicling my exploits.

This weekend I went to visit my sister in Newport, RI. After serving as designated driver for four party harty Salve Grads on Halloween night I decided to take a run along the cliff walk. ( figured it was safer than trying to run my normal loop to Middletown and back.) Well apparently I forgot that the Cliff Walk is paved with stone boulders in some sections and you're essentially rock hopping for a bit. My run started from my sister's apartment on Bellevue and would take me past the Elms, and Rosecliff Mansions before I enter the cliff walk. The first mile was pretty easy as I ran past Salve Regina University and darted around tourists and walkers. Then this thing wennt into Xterra mode, for the next two miles I was rock hopping, doding puddles and contorting my self into awkward positions while still carrying on at a brisk pace. On one particular section a thought popped into my sick and twisted mind...maybe I go do this off road crap, I mean I'm pretty good running on trails, and rock skipping. Only thing is I need a moutain bike, and I mean when I was a kid I was fearless on the trails after all mud and rock has got to be softer than asphalt. After nearly twisting my ankle on a couple sections I decided to take the safe route back along Bellevue, passing Marble House and other "cottages" of the "Captains of Industry." While it was only 5 miler it was a hell of a workout.

So will I be doing off road next year probably not but it may be in the my future.


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Shelley said...

Yup, I just got a mountain bike and I love it!