Monday, November 16, 2009

Trying to figure things out

Well as things start to stablize on the home front I'm starting to look for a second job to help subsidize my student debt which is now rearing its ugly head. I'm still working as a bank teller and it doesn't look like I'm going to be going down an alternate career path anytime soon, well at least it doesn't look that way. I figure I want to move out west so I need to get my life and finances togehter for that. Likewise if I'm going into the Services I want to be in the right state of mind going in because taking on the stress of officer training while your psyche is stressed out from other issues is not a good combo and usually results in well not becoming of an officer.

On the training front I have ideas for which races I want to do in 2010 but the future is not really clear at this moment. So I'm training but there is no definite schedule in my head. I want to do my usual pilgrimage to East Freetown for the Patriot Half, and my local races. I would like to do an Ironman/ Iron distance race so I have given thought to talking to Ken Glah for the "Lake Placid Package" I've also number crunched for Canada but neither race is New Zealand and with all the issues facing me it's safe to say the earliest I'll be heading back to Taupo will be 2011. Which I'm not bitching I'll actually have a winter to devote to something other than riding at the lake. Kentucky looks viable, and Ken also has entry packages for Arizona and Florida, so I'm confident I will be rolling into an Ironman next year it's just where and when is the question.


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Runner Leana said...

Good luck sorting out the life stuff. As for should totally do IMC! It is supposed to be one of the best races out there. Volunteer and crowd support is second to none. The bike course is beautiful! Plus your turn "buoys" in the swim are house boats (I think). Come on....IMC!! I'll be there!!