Saturday, January 30, 2010

It wasn't supposed to be a rest week....

Well this week wasn't really banner on thhe training front. I got to the pool 3 times and managed to eek out 10k I was going to try this afternoon but I just took the day off. Running only 8 miles for the week but I've really wanted to get out. I could use the excuse of the frigid...ok to my Canadian readers...slightly less than tropical weather of 15-20F with a 10F windchill have kept me indoors. So essentially I'm calling this a rest week and will get back to cranking out ridiculous miles and yards next week. Starting tomorrow. On the plus side I did hit the weight room and cranked out sets of Push ups, pull ups and over head presses to try to get my flappy forearms back in shape, with some TGUs added in for good measure.


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Charisa said...

You'll be back at it - ready to go after that easier week. Sometimes unplanned rest weeks are the best. :)