Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome to training camp./ How you know the Girlfriend's a keeper.

Well back in March as I was training for my current position I was informed I had a week of carry over vacation time that I had to use up so I decided to use it this week for a min-"get my butt back into half Iron shape training camp." So the next seven day will be full of hard core mileage as well as doing some of the nagging little things that I haven't been able to do over the last few weeks. Yesterday the camp kicked off with a 55 mile training ride. I was hoping to get a 7 mile brick run in with it, but I learned the hard way a man can not subsist on toast and power bars alone. Today I have a nice little late afternoon half mary run planned and then tomorrow a swim before driving out to RI to visit my sisters. The last two weeks my hectic work schedule hasd thrown a wrench in my training plans, as has the fact that I've started dating again. ( I can just hear one of my old coach's words ringing in my ears... "girlfriends are run killers.") I will say this this girl is a keeper. She lives in Massachusetts just outside of Hopkington and when I went up to visit got the grand tour of the BAA Starting year I'll qualify for that damn thing...she seems not to mind my jokes on shaving legs, nor the fact that I spend more time in a pool on a bicycle, or running than what would be considered healthy by most sane people. The only draw back why does she have to be a Red Sox fan! In any case all is well on that front, now I've just got to get my training in gear so I'll be ready for my first half of the season.

Tally Ho!

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MaineSport said...

Red Sox fan. Even better.
By the way, I liked your post on intervals. I had a similar workout planned for the next day. Intervals are a really productive way to spend training time.