Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Pair of Shoes

Well I got myself a new pair of treads on Thursday. A pair of size 11 Saucony ProGrid Ride2's. I'm not sure if they're the right shoe for me but the initial runs have been promising. These shoes make me feel like I'm running on air. Seriously not sure if it's the build or the fact that my previous shoes are really broken down, but I've noticed a lot of spring in them. Anyway these shoes are cushioned but built for neutral runners. Normally I use a stability shoe so it's sort of an experiment as my stride has changed a little over the past few seasons and noticed my feet have been feeling a little tired using the stability shoes, also their size 11 instead of 11.5's ( the 11.5's had a little too much slippage in the heel.) Likewise it's a departure from my brand loyalty to New Balance, so I'm going to give them a try.

I ran a 10k in them Thursday night. Then on Sunday I went for a 4 miler on the Cheshire Rail trail. Steph had come up for the Labor Day weekend and we decided to run. We started off together and I managed to get way ahead so at the first high way crossing I doubled back, I caught up with her then ran ahead again to the end of the next segment. I managed to see her on the way back. She was like "you're already on your way back?" as I strode past. I got back to the highway crossing and doubled back to her at the turnaround. I had managed to get about 35 minutes or 4 miles in. We ran/ walked the last mile together. For Steph it was the longest she's run/ walked and hopefully she'll keep up with it.

On Monday I got the longest run in my new shoes in. I did my normal 8 mile loop in Wolcott. I managed to get it done in 1:12:36. I'm hoping to get another longer run into them and hope to compare times to see if a neutral shoe has been what I needed all along.

Likewise got my physical done for the Navy this morning I'll go into the bloody gory in another post, but things are beginning to fall into place.

Well that's it from me

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