Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Training like I used to.

The past few weeks have been good on the training front, especially in the pool. I'm back up to over 4000 yards per session, well ok I do a slacker workout ( 3000-3500) as a recovery workout.

I did attempt the Spinervals 2 hr. Base Builder on Monday only to give up 15 minutes into it. Sadly again the reason was not physical, it went down sort of like this:
Coach Troy: Alright let's kick it into the big ring 15 for 30 seconds.

I would try to shift and it would take nearly 30 seconds for it to get into the big ring. Not to mention the gears felt like they were slipping the entire time I was pedaling. The problem is I know my cassette and my chain are shot but I was hoping to change them in the spring, after Monday's Fail it looks like there is a trip to the bike shop in my future. ( So Santa if you can drop off an Ultegra 11-25 10 Speed Cassette and a 10 Speed Ultegra Chain, you would make Bobby Very Very Happy this year.)

The running has been a little lack luster due to the freezing temperature and the fact that I get out of work later at night. I did get a 11 mile run in on Sunday and I have been starting to use the treadmill for my shorter weekday runs inorder to throw in some tempo and speed work. I think I already mentioned my beastly 52 minute 7 mile workout.

So today since it's my last day off for the year I've got a long run on tap I'm hoping for 10-15 miles I'm debating if I should do it in Wolcott where the traffic is psycho or if I should move it to Middlebury where the roads are a little more peaceful. In either case there will be rubber hitting asphalt today.

Happy Training


Charisa said...

Merry Christmas! Here's to an awesome 2011 in training and life :)

1k4tribike said...

It is really difficult to train during the holidays. I am now looking for other fitness-minded individuals as a source of inspiration, especially in managing day-to-day responsibilities with training for 2011. Good luck and hope you have a better race season this 2011. Cheers!