Saturday, November 3, 2007

Back to Reality.....

At 6:55am with visions of a long ride that was to begin within the hour in my head I recieved the " Oh Shit" Call from work asking me to sacrifice my last day of vacation and come into the office. Now I know I desperately needed the long ride and I was not going to let myself be talked into going in, I was going to stand firm, I was not going to let money lust run my life and wreck my perfectly planned trainning day, " I'll see you at 8:30?" the boss asked...." Yep I'll be in 8:30" I said as I goggily awoke. So yes I have "sold out" Yes I am an "overtime Whore" Ironman races don't pay for themseleves ( unless of course I get super nasty and go pro.) and any dinero I can get is always a help....hey a guy's gotta to eat.

The office slave

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No Wetsuit Girl said...

Sigh. Well it would be a pretty crummy ride if you starved to death, wouldn't it? Probably in the long run your wallet needed it more than your legs. There's always next weekend.