Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Freedom !!!!!!! For at least a couple days.

Ding dong, the cholera paper is as dead as the 40,000 Londoners it took to an early grave in 1854 ( to qoute stalin, " One death is a tragedy, 1000 is a statistic"). So now after being repremanded for only using five sources (I thought they were pretty good, but I guess I need to spend more time looking at articles that say the same damn thing..boring yes tedious, yes but necessary. My next paper the bibliography will be as long as the paper itself.) So I have a slight reprieve from the paper writing for the moment giving me a couple of free days to train, before I hit the library and ransack the sheleves of medical journals, discussing the unsanitary conditions of Gulags, refugee camps, and the dreaded Nazi concentration camps as breeding grounds of un-holy plauges. Yes, another real upper of a paper. Ok getting out of my acadamea fueled rage Tonight holds on tap a swim, of hopefully 4000 yards. Tomorrow a 5am wakeup call awaits me followed by my first double session in almost 4 days. It will most likely be a swim and a late afternoon run followed by a night searching the web for research materials. ( hopefully 5 articles ) I will most likely hit the trainner on Thursday followed by a post work, pre-class run. Friday, Masters, library, register for next semester, research till I can't research no more...seriously it is like some law of medicine that you must quote 50 guys saying the same crap. alright rage done...hitting the coffee shop then the pool.
The Repressed Researcher.


Angry Runner said...

I miss those days when i was your age...writing papers at 3AM while listening to Jay-Z's Black Album on the iPod. Oh how I miss it so!!!

Angry Runner said...

Turkey day 5K in stratford?

No Wetsuit Girl said...

No Wetsuit Girl's recipe for an A paper: Go on internet, find kick-ass article that says exactly what you say. Rephrase all the sentences so that it can't be googled to bust you for plagiarism, don't use it in your bibliography. Fill bibliography out with other random crap that came up on the google search, try to add a quote or two from the ones that were actually okay, and just pepper the paper with footnotes for the rest. Add one real book to bibliography that you were going to read anyway.

Hand in paper with a smile (and a wink if the professor's female).

Bob Almighty said...

Angry: a Turkey day 5k Sounds good to me.

Claire: Unfortunately the prof.'s a dude, although it is a helpful hint.