Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I am Registered......

Well its official I have my armband and I'm ready to go. Also I have my photos from the trip over and I will post them.

Driving in from Auckland

Yes the kiwis have a cool sense of humor.Jude, Judy Ann and the Girls receptionist at the Times. sadly I do not have a pic of Catherine , New Zealand's Hottest photographer. Yes I said it. So today I went down to the Expo after dropping off my bike at the Times for safe keeping. I plan on getting pics of Marian, Catherine, Danielle, and Simon the Sports Guy. The Weather has started to cloud up so now I am sort of praying the rain, or will at least hold off until I'm off the bike on Saturday, it can pour when I'm on the run for all I care . Today is my easy to non-existent day, I ran 5-6 k Yesterday, 5k in a little fun run which I did at goal race pace (8:30-9 min miles) and a mad dash back to the Hotel to shower because Catherine, Simon and some of the Young Staffers took me to the pub. I was good I only had one beer, and a burger, hey,my nutrtion hasn't failed me so far, hopefully it won't on Saturday, although I have 24 hours for it to clear my system. Well I've got to get back to the grind, pick up the bike, find a TV and start playing the i-pod. Race day is less than 48 hours away so I'm hoping for good weather and a good result.

Cheers .



Angry Runner said...

Bring a whole mess of those papers home with you...or ship them.

I am so proud!

rocketpants said...

Awesome!! Very exciting times ahead.