Thursday, February 28, 2008

Less than 24 Hours to go....

"My Heart's beating...My Heart's beatin and my hand's a shakin....."

That can best describe how I felt a race briefing this morning....the nerves are hitting, the distance is becoming real, and the fact that they're expecting rain and a 21 mph head wind isn't really helping. Since I've arrived they've been predicting rain and wind so at this point I'm chalking it up to their full of shit like all forecasters, I still put plastic bags on my bike just to be safe. An interesting thing happened on the way to the Expo I bumped into 6 time Women's Champ Jo Lawn as she was giving an interview so I have a nice candid photo .Yes I feel like a big shot on this trip!

Also included are pics of the staff at Taupo times

The girl on the left is Catherine (NZ's hottest photographer) the girl in the middle is Danielle, and the man on the right is Simon, sports writer and beer and Rugby Connoisseur ( To the guys at HEAT if at all possible we need to ship these guys some Hooker Ale!) Today will be spent not worrying about the race, special needs bag, cramming down more gels, sports drink and Bonita products as possible, the weather or how I might be cussing out rain and wind tomorrow Lt. Dan style from Forest Gump. I plan on sitting on the beach and meditating or forking over some coin at the local arcade to relieve the pre -race jitters. Tomorrow I feel ready to go....hopefully mother nature will co-operate. That's all for today...I need to go put my feet up.

Also anyone wishing to follow the race live
go to the official Ironman New Zealand site and it will direct you to Ironman live .
Like I said I just need to go and take a preverbal cold shower...when I get back home I'll have a nice month long rest before getting ready for the summer season and an epic duel in the land of the crabcake. Also anyone looking for a good "Kona-esque atmosphere without having to worry about Lotto slots or being hell on wheels Taupo is a really good pick.

The Soon to be Ironman


rocketpants said...

Sorry to hear that the weatherman is predicting non-ideal race conditions. Rest up...looking forward to hearing the story on the flip side.

Jonathan R said...

I stumbled across this blog of yours from the link in your facebook. I'm more than impressed in everything I've read. Best of luck during the race. I'll be sure to check the outcome.

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Whew! I got screwed up on the start time, and went to the live coverage, yet still managed to see you blur by. 53 minutes and change on the swim? Damn! IBob is fast! No rain yet, though they're still calling for it this afternoon. But so far, it looks like you got your wish, at least on the bike leg.

It's way too late for a pep talk, as if that would do anything now, but you know we're all with you all the way, especially on that run. Yeah!

Angry Runner said...

We need to get you a uniform. Tracking you as I type...

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...


Just saw you cross the finish line. Or was that you rolling under it? They announced your name, glad they did, the video feed screen makes it hard to tell.

Looks like you had a good time in the marathon. Thanks for not keeping us all up all night! 11:13:45 or so. Damn, 114!

You are indeed Iron Bob...

rocketpants said...

NICE JOB!!! I *just* missed the finish as I tuned in at the time of 11:17...and you finished 4 minutes before then.


They had you posted as it taking you almost 3 hours to go 7.5 miles. Glad that was just screwed up.


Maniac Musician said...

you are freaking amazing :] i unf. didn't see you cross the line ( me and melissa, facebook wall fight, you'll see when you log on) but still, i was watching practically all day =)(we bought coke, you know, postrace indulgence, so i'm savin' one for ya ;] ) i'm so so so proud of you, buddy! love you -- chrissy

ROB YEAAAH Daddy and I watched your finish 11:13:45 way to go we are soooo proud of you WAY TO GO (I can't possibly get you to understand me and daddy laying here screaming at the computer) We love you so much and have you met my future daughter in law yet :) love you talk to you soon-mom

melissd17 said...

yeah i have a blog what kind of loser doesn't? lol I've had it since june although i have trouble remembering to update it... BUT you rocked my socks tonight I knew you could do it!!!!!

Speed Racer said...

I already know how it ends! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! 11:13:47 if I remember correctly, in shitty conditions, and on New Zealand's notorious speed-sucking bumpy roads.


How the hell did you recognize Jo Lawn, by the way. I swear, when they're all geared up (as they always are in the photos), I can't tell Michellie Jones from Macca.

Ken Schulz said...

Congratulations! Awesome race! You are an Ironman!!!