Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Analyzing the data.....

Well this has 3 fold application at this point.

After talking with my professor, I decided to limit my topic to medicine in the house in Victorian England. ( ie what was Dr. Mom responsible for and when did you bring in the high priced quack also what did the Docs know that the women didn't..and vice versa. ) So I will be analyzing Victorian periodicals as well as Doctors manuals of the period to compare and contrast. Needless to say this make research less of a headache.

Part of me is begining to think Eagleman might have been a mistake, but its too late to backout now, I don't want to eat a $200 entry fee., so I will train as best I can and see what happens, I'm not counting on the sole Kona slot in my age group ( but hey miracles do happen.), but maybe I can steal a slot to Clearwater in November. When I signed up in August I forgot how difficult it is to train in April, the weather is bi-polar, my professors seem to think that we really like our old, dusty, outdated library, that and all the family money drama that disappears for a month when the income tax refund check comes in begins to resurface ( granted this year it shouldn't be as bad as in the past, my mom's got 4 deals on the table...low interest rates and low house prices are good for something: Buyers Market Baby!)...oh and I get a year older.....like I said April =lots of STRESS a few more grey hairs, and a birthday cake...well at least I get a cake:)

The last Analysis seems to disprove the theory that Triathlon was the sport of bored runners.
1 of the 7 people who voted on my poll stated that their best discipline was the run.
2 of the 7 myself being one of them, say they were transplated swimmers
2 more claimed the bike as their true love.
and 2 more claimed that they rocked all 3 sports with equally.

This week's poll :
I haven't thought of one. If anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears.

The neurotic number cruncher.


Speed Racer said...

Don't give up on yourself for Eagleman. You've already got the base fitness under you, but you still need to recover from ironman. Maybe all you need is a good, solid rest and then a madd peak period to get your speed honed to a so-far-unseen speed.

Hang tight and take it one day at a time! Oh yeah, and don't make any big purchases until that tax refund comes in.

Jodi said...

I missed the last poll! Put me down for suck at all three without prejudice...



ps. Do Steelhead instead. All the cool kids are doing it...

rocketpants said...

You got lots going on...but stress of getting older? Sheesh. Whatever kid. You just did an IM...i think you will be able to crank it up when the school stuff wanes a little bit.