Friday, April 4, 2008

I feel a tad bit ill....

Well Today I was supposed to go to the Waterbury Y and get my swim on, but a lovely developing sinus infection had me against the pillow. Tomorrow I might do a pre work run or lift, followed by either pool or bike time, then lots of research, like into the night research, I need to grab a couple of household manuals and piece together my outline and bibliography. Seriously the way this course is setting me up It's not going to be all that difficult to crank out this paper,granted her criteria might be a little stricter.

I had planned to do a mock Borat post, about what my observations are a month past New Zealand, I can only come up with 3

1. the Kiwis are a lot more laid back, than all of us Puritanical New Englanders.
2. If you're a vegan, you might want to vacation elsewhere, or at least look up the vegetarian restaurants because all the little cafes were filled with meat and dairy goods.
3. Litchfield, NZ pop. 1500 cows, 500 sheep, 250 people, 1 alpaca
Litchfield, CT, USA pop. 1500 cows, 500 sheep, 250 people and 1 alpaca in essence no change.
ok had to share that a month late but better late than never.

I sent Catherine an email stating : " I think you're kind of cool." I hope that didn't freak her out, and yes those were my exact words....hopefully "cool" down there means the same as it does up here and isn't slang for cold hard bitch, because she was really awesome... if alot of this doesn't make sense I blame it on the Robitussin, well I'm going to crash and continue to chill.

Chillin' like a villin'


jonathan starlight said...

sinus infection bad, very bad...but only temporary. look on the bright side: it'll help keep the weight off.

rocketpants said...

Ohhh getting sick is no good! I've been very skilled at that lately.

Yes Kiwi's *are* MUCH more laid back. I always loved: 'no worries mate'.

I never got in any trouble with 'cool' when I was there, I think you are safe.

Speed Racer said...

You did NOT say, "I think you're kind of cool"! Now she's going to be off either naming babies or getting a restraining order! Just kidding. I think you're probably safe, my guess is that that one translates :)

Feel better, and make sure you finish your homework before you go out to play. Try to get some sleep in there somewhere, too.

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