Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am a glutton for punishment!

Yes people that's right, some sick twisted warped gene in my DNA must make like pain for some odd reason. Tonight I did a 4000 yard pool workout. 10x 200's on 2:45 ish I missed the interval on #6 and #10. Saturday I have a hill fest bike ride planned with Bjoern ( any other takers looks toward Boston and Speed Racer who is sitting around in compression tights with her feet up.) and The Nutmeg State half marathon on Sunday. Now one would say why on earth would you do a half marathon after an insane 60 mile ride....3 words :BECAUSE I CAN! I plan to use Sunday as long distance speed work....that and I'm a T-shirt whore..yes that's right I said it. I love the freaking tech tees that Endureit Multisports gives out...props to Mandy and John.....the other reason is I want a reasonable estimate of what kind of pace I can hold at Eagleman. I want to see if I can break the 1:45 barrier on tired legs, and know how to gear myself for the big 3 races coming up this year ( Eagleman, RI, and NutmegMan.)
So those are the plans for the weekend...this race is not an A Priority event but if I qualify to do the NYC marathon well, that would make my season...but I'll be content to get in some decent milage and free shit. Oh on a side note this is my first road race that is in between 5 miles and a marathon...sure I've done 10ks and half marathons but they have always been in triathlons, so maybe that whole tired leg thing will help to keep the nerves away as well as force me to run a realistic pace.


Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Maybe I missed something, but is the NYC Marathon on your Magical Mystery Tour? If it is, hoo boy, have I got some fun bridges and tunnels for you...

We are ALL gluttons for punishment. We need to carry cardboard signs that say 'Will do marathons and triathlons for technical tees'.

Speed Racer said...

You'll be amazed at how much easier a half marathon is on fresh legs. And yes, they count as "fresh legs" if you've gotten a night's sleep after your long bike ride.

I don't think I'll make it down this week for the hill fest, but chances are good for the next one.

If only, if only they made tech tees that I could wear to work, life would be perfect.