Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've got my sponsorship kit and I'm in the Patriot Half.

Well I just cast the die for the Patriot Half Ironman, as an age grouper...ugg all those people to pass on the swim......Also my Credit card company will love me next paycheck for the second week of May gone....or at least most of that rebate check...but I should have enough miles for a frequent flier miles to fly to NZ for free next year.

In lighter news, Zoot Gu finally mailed me my livery for the 2008 season, and it isn't the flamboyant baby blue/pink/flaming mardi gras yellow, that I thought it would be, although it isn't as nice as my HEAT Flames..the guys at Zoot did a good job. I also recieved my nutritional supplies for the year : about 4 crates of Gu (2 Chocolate Outrage 2 Strawberry Banana) two canisters of Gu2O ( 1 lemon-lime and 1 orange) along with more Gel Flasks and waterbottles than I know what to do with...the visor and socks are on the way, although I think I'll keep using my Timex's sort of my signature Clothing Item.

Last night I managed to crankout a 5 mile run on the Cheshire Rail trail. I regret not bringing my headlamp, granted I sprinted the last mile because I thought some " nesting Swan" might want to have it out with me. I did it in about 43 min. Not breaking the sound barrier but not really slouching it either, so it was all good.

Well that's all in the neighborhood.


rocketpants said...

I doubt it'd fit in your training/racing flying around the whole earth schedule this year, but to keep in mind if you continue to raise money for ALS:

Cheap for a 140.6 and for the cause you raise money for. But you may already know of this one.

Angry Runner said...

Nesting Swan hahaha. I was hissed at by a goose one day while scoping out the swim at the Griskus. That was a rather uncomfortable situation...