Thursday, June 19, 2008

An Ode to the Snooze Button

So there I lie in restful slumber my training plan torn all asunder, morning swims and work out plans destroyed by my weary hands. Every morning repeats the scene promises of hard work destroyed to dream, each night I make a solemn vow and still I sleep in any how. The alarm goes off a 5AM, and then 5:30, 6, and 7. And then I realize I need to get to work and hit the snooze button like a jerk. So will I ever get a morning workout in, because my sleeping in has become a sin. I guess I can blame it on the Celtics win and celebrating for Ray Allen! Why I worte this all in rhyme IDK but this post has become a waste of time. Maybe my next post will be a hiku but quite frankly I have better things to do. I have long rides to ride, longs runs to run, with some 4000+ pool work added in for fun. Aww who am I fooling with all that crap, I'll probably lie down and take a nap. The snooze button sadly has become a good friend, but if I dream of racing glory that will soon have to end. The NBA finals are over Boston tied the Lakers their noose so for staying up late I have no more excuse. No more bad mouthing Kobe, or laying hail to the big 3 Paul Pierce, UConn's Allen and some dude named KG. so that's my crappy attempt at a poem I don't care if it sucks, and if you don't like it you can shut the ( Blogger Edit) UP!

Alright all the crazy rhyming scheme aside I really do need to stop sleeping through my early morning workouts. The last few days I've only managed 3500 yards in the pool and a 9 mile run. Today I'm hoping the weather stays clear enough that I can ride to Waramaug and back, I'll also try for at least 3000 in the pool. Since I'm not racing tomorrow I'll most likely do a long run and another swim. Saturday I'm hoping to get the bike out for a couple of hours after work , but that's tentative due to work and weather. Sunday I have a long brick planned, in Middlebury/ Washington, then Monday just the a long day at the pool ( possibly doubles.) The Patriot is just over 2 weeks away so I really want to work the next 10 days then give my self a mini taper into my Hell Week, and what might realistically be my last set of races until late August, and my last qualifying race for Clearwater. If I can get First or Second in the open category that means a check and gas and hotel money for Rhode Island 70.3. The Griskus sprint, after how I felt on the First lap of the run and the fact I was able to surge with confidence, I might get my first age group medal there in 5 years, and maybe I'll win something in that god forsaken raffle ( come on Carbon fiber bike frame be good to bobby.), Well those are ramblings for the moment.

The Slave of the Snnoze Button.


Bjorn Boyer said...

not sure what to say about that ryhme but what is much more important is if we can meet up for the Griskus Sprint. I wanna make it a bit harder for you to get your medal :) Let me know if you could pick me up from New London. Of course I will chip in for gas.

Big ass sitter said...

Ray Allen used to be a Milwaukee Buck. WE really miss him. Good Guy!