Sunday, June 15, 2008

Race Reports coming soon!

Yesterday I did the Pat Griskus Olympic. I finished in a not too shabby for coming off a Half Ironman 2:36.19 20 min. off of medaling in my age group. ( For some odd reason all the studs show up to this one.) My effort was good enough for 55th over all. I don't have the official overall results or splits yet so my race report will be published as soon as I can get some splits. I was 4th out of the water but it was all downhill ( figuratively, there were some good up hills on the bike leg.) from there. As mentioned before I scrapped Waramaug in favor of fiscal responsibility and a good training week. Today is my rest day but starting tomorrow I need to kick my ass in to blazing half iron shape, I want to be able to break 5 hours at the Patriot and Rhode Island, so next weekend will be devoted to a Sunday long ride, lots of pool and road time. After Providence there are a couple races I would like to do but the next big one isn't until September. I've already had one guy tell me to give up long distance races in favor of local sprints and training series, financially it might be a better option for 09 to sort of race in the minor leauges, clear my head and keep my check book balanced, and get the fast twitch going full bore, but then I realize that that's not my style. I live for distance, I do the short stuff because its fun but a year with out anything longer than an olympic on the calendar would drive me nuts. I realize this year was over ambitious so 09 will be a little bit better balanced ( more likely resembling my late season of one or two races a month although the second Saturday of June and second Wednesday of July will be booked like always.) I'm begining to learn from experience how to juggle real life, racing and training and eventually I will achieve the right balance. But as stated stay tuned for the Griskus Olympic race report/ post mortem it will be a doozie.

Will Work for Compression Tights.

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