Friday, July 11, 2008

ATTACK RHODE ISLAND! or Rhode Trip Part Deux.

" And in this Corner Caesar is pleased to bring you the Barbarian Horde!"- Gladiator

Alright John Hirsch and I have had a good natured war of words as he and his RI based crew prepare to defend their motherland from the hordes of other New Englanders, including HEAT's massive wrecking crew. For sure I know we have 6 takers:
Myself, Jamie, Bill and Tony, No bikeMike and Jim the defending champion of the men's 30+ left handed aqua bike, anyone else sporting flames or their HEAT T-shirts holla.

Ok all that aside I've booked a cheap hotel, so I will not be driving I-95 at all hours of the day and night. I'm hoping for a good result so I can justify my week long recovery, also I will have race reports a plenty looming over me. I'm not going elite and if I win I think I'm going to forgo Florida, ( knowing my luck it will be in the middle of mid-terms although anyone looking to sponsor a Bob vs. Jodi 70.3 War please leave a message along with a donation :) )Right now I just want to go out there and try to lower my times, if I podium great, if not I know it is a stacked field, although if I won my age group that would be some serious bragging rights. Park City looks like it will be a go so I will be racing at least once more this season, Hopefully I have most of what I need sorted out so I can do Nutmegman. But one step at a time this weekend I have a tour of the Ocean State, then some down time and back to training and school. Well time to go psyche up.


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rocketpants said...

Have a great race and enjoy it.