Thursday, July 10, 2008

Race Reports coming soon....

Next week you'd better have a jumbo mug of coffee ready as the Patriot Tri, Griskus Sprint and RI 70.3 race reports will be gracing the pages of Of Triathlons, God, and Random Crap.

Because of the busy race schedule I apologize that I haven't posted them sooner but it's hard trying to catch a break between work and traveling it's been nearly impossible to sit down and write. I did the Griskus sprint last night and finished in 1:08.16 4 min. faster than last year and good enough for 27th overall, the official race report will state where I finished in the age group.....let's just say I was happy with the result although I got beat by some dude from Hong Kong.

RI 70.3 is this weekend I'm opting not to stay in a hotel so I'm just going to drive down on Saturday and Sunday, figure $50 for gas is cheaper than $200 for a hotel. Although another part of me is saying just to scrap it, as some other expected and unexpected expenses are beginning to pop up.

As for the racing season after RI it is all based on Finances, if the money rolls around for Nutmegman great, if not I can live not doing it. Same with Park City and Niantic, I'd like to do them but they are a luxury at this point.

I figure the race reports will take up a lot of time during my rest week, I'm also going to continue looking for a part time job, to try to supplement my income, I've got bills to pay and future dreams I want to finance so this might be a wise decision, it always seems I run into a dilemma when I have money I never have time to do what I want and when I have the time I never seem to have the money. Well that's enough from me back to the grind.


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rocketpants said...

I do hope RI works out this weekend and you are able to make it.

Congrats on a nice finish last weekend. Very close to that sub 5 hour mark. Way to go.