Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Olympic Sports...

Well I recently found out that this might be Baseball and Softball's last go round at the Olympics. For baseball the Olympics fall at a time when the pros are in the midst of their respective pennant races, so a baseball "dream team" of the top pros is unlikely, so sadly no one wants to see college kids and top minor leaugers earning street credit, so unless A-Rod, Jeter, Griffey, and Big Papi are suiting up in 2012, baseball might be going..going..gone from the program.

Softball well, since it was added in 1996 the American girls have dominated, almost embarrassingly, the only country that poses a remote threat is Australia. And sadly when the same team keeps winning the sport becomes..well boring... it's like the NCAA women's basketball final 4 every year you can expect a show down between Uconn and Tennessee. Needless to say, the sport will most likely get dropped.

So this leads me to ponder what sports will replace the American Past Times.

I have a few suggestions:

Men and Women's Rugby:
It's played the world over. It would appeal to Americans because it's like the NFL only more hard core, no pads, no 10 yard or 10 meter lines, ( ok they have a 40meter line and 20 meter line for penalty purposes ) or cycle of downs just pure and simple 6 attempts each possession to get the ball in the endzone , between the uprights or die trying.

Also I believe the US women would be a medal favorite , after all some of the softball players will need a channel for their rage.

It's kinda like baseball if it were run by the guys at NASA. All I know is the Indians and Pakistanis are sick in it.

Cross Country:
XC was in the games until the 1924 Paris games. The 1924 course was a disaster, there weren't enough aid stations, the weather was in the mid 90's, the course wasn't marked...and as a result the powers that be decided to scrap it. I think it's time XC makes a comeback.

Ultimate Frisbee:
Come on' who doesn't love ultimate Frisbee.

The Iron Distance Triathlon relay:
Michael Phelps on the swim leg for the US, Alberto Contador Cycling for Spain, Rogers Rop on the run for Kenya...it could be a winner, I mean after all who doesn't want to see more Phelps....

The 800m Funyak Medley:
Angry Runner Could bring home gold for the US and A.

Uzi Shooting:
Once again disgruntled baseball, and softball players are favored...just aim for the targets not the judges.

Hot Dog Eating Contest:
USA vs. Japan could be bigger than the Nathan's 4th of July bash on Coney Island. Although there is some argument that another food should be used due to the dietary restrictions of some competitors.

See the movie to understand while former Softball standouts would be favored.

Well I've got to send this list to the IOC then get back to watching the games after all I wouldn't want to miss the Gold Medal final of the Egg Toss, after the hard boiled controversy from 04 there is no clear favorite.



IronMatron said...

Oh God it would be fun to see that Iron Relay!
Add rugby. Did you play? Loved that sport in college! I'm too little to be good--played hooker and had a grand time anyway.

iron-boyer said...

I watched "Olympic" baseball today. I fell asleep in the 10th at a score of 0:0. This year they introduced a new rule that in the 11th the teams start with someone on base one and two and no outs.
The US and some Asian countries are the only countries participating. Remember what the 5 olympic rings stand for? That's the reason why it should have been taken out years ago.
But I would love to see the hot dog eating contest. Germans would eat Bratwurst instead. yummy...maybe I would make it to the Olympic Games too.

rocketpants said...

My vote: Ultimate.

US women being medal contenders for Rugby? By and large american women aren't introduced to the sport very early...Oz, NZ, UK and other places play WAYYYYYYYYY more than us.