Friday, August 22, 2008

What's going on this weekend

Well this week is proving to be the culmination of the Racing Season in Canada

Runner Girl is off to Quebec City, to do battle with her marathon.

Bree Wee is getting ready for Ironman Canada.

Stateside is looking pretty quiet:

Speedy Claire Speed Racer...well I'm not sure if she's racing or not this weekend...she usually is.

Angry is keeping his racing plans under lock and key until Goofy...


Bjoern is getting ready to head over to Europe

Judi, John Hirsch and Tony are in countdown for IM Kentucky.

Saturday I have a 100+ mile ride on tap I figure I want to get all my base builders and long stuff on the bike out of the way for NZ while the weather is still good, then I can focus on letting it rip on my lake loops during the winter months. ( I want to bust 5:30 in Taupo and up the bar in the Bob-o/Claire Bike split battle.) I've been batting around the idea of racing the Hartford Marathon in October, but I'll play that one by ear. Tonight looking at going running or West Hilling it I'll make a decision after work.

Well that's all that's going on here.

For those about to Rock I salute you!

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