Thursday, September 4, 2008

My grandmother is going to haunt us among other things.

Well to start off with the first part of the title I will not be surprised if my parents phone rings and mysteriously hangs up the middle of the night... My father buried a phone with our beloved Memere. To understand the joke one would have to understand the lady she was, she'd get home at 5PM put on comfortable clothes and her slippers, grab a pack of cigarettes ( hey it was the 60's -70's) and make her rounds of phone calls to her friends, family, you name it. If they had AIM she'd have a buddy list as big as de Nile ( yes the river in Egypt.) well anyway on day in 1970 something my father made the sly comment that he was going to bury her a damn telephone, and sure enough yesterday, her tossed a cheap-o phone that served me through my two years at Fordham into the casket. All I know is I'm not answering any phone calls from Valhalla, Heaven, Hell, Hades,Purgatory, Paradise, or Beyond for a while, or at least not without a chuckle.

Next order of business, last night I worked out with some of the girls on CCSU's Swim team ( the men's program went the way of the dodo about a decade ago...afterall America loves their swimmers unless the men's program interferes with the football, and basketball budgets.) Needless to say I'm fast for a triathlete but put me in the water with the real deals and I'm usually hanging on for dear life. Needless to say we didn't do much, and I felt kind of awkward because I live with the assumption most female swimmers ( except for my Fordham team mates, and a couple of the girls who dabble in tri ) hate my guts and find me annoying, but having to push for a little bit felt good.

I got in touch with Catherine and found out the Times is undergoing job cuts, she was on the chopping block, and will know today whether or not she'll be staying in Taupo or heading back to New Plymouth, regardless she said she'll be up for the Ironman and would try to help me find a home stay, regardless I'm keeping Ken Glah's number close at hand. But hopefully she'll keep her gig, otherwise, she's looking at going into police training. But still I wonder if she'd be interested in coming Stateside?

Classes are going ok, I showed up 5 min. late for a lab and the professor was packing up, it seems like it's going to be a straight forward no bull class and the less bull the better. My assignments for the weekend are pretty simple read a lot of John Locke, read some stuff on Ethnic groups, and top it off with the preface to how Colonial New Englanders viewed themselves as British subjects and London, not Hartford, not Boston, not even NYC was the center or shall I say centre of the universe.

Well that's it for me. Time to get home so I can get back to the grind.

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Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Despite what 8 million New Yorkers might say, it's still not quite the 'centre of the universe'. Those New Englanders weren't entirely wrong. And that NYC-centric attitude didn't help in 1861, either.

Then again, New York City thought about seceding from the Union, too, it's THAT special.