Monday, September 8, 2008

Two months off.

Well this week marks the two month anniversary of when I last raced. Part of me desperately wants to get back into the saddle again, and see if a solid month of just training has paid any dividends. My motivation has been lacking somewhat because there has been no race to look forward to. I found myself hitting the snooze button, cutting planned workouts short, not really suffering burnout, but just doing enough to keep my weight between 165 and 175, I let my HEAT membership expire, which I'll have to renew, I've just been stuck in the " I can't justify spending anything" mode. Classes have started and I find myself forking over for books, devoting training time to study, and going through a self induced fast from 12-9PM on Mondays and Wednesdays ( ie my professors don't allow food in the classroom.), and I'm just getting sick of having nothing to look forward to, but papers, projects, and maybe the long training ride. Today I'm spending part of my credit limit on books, so my question is,

Should I enter the Hammerfest Sprint in Brandford at the tune of $65?

Yes, it'll do you some good to get out and race, and re-associate with the tri geeks.

No, You've got a half iron on tap ( if you have the money for entry out of the next paycheck.) for the following weekend, are you crazy?

No, You're just bailing out of a fiscal nightmare, accept the fact your season ended on July 13, save your cash, hit the books, do the smart thing and don't race until at least next June. Think Long Term Goals over short term desires.


Big ass sitter said...


Bob Almighty said...

Upon reading the prices at the site the price went up to $80 I think I'm going to sit this one out, I can justify $65-70 for a sprint but $80 is a little ridiculous, afterall, that's about the price of an Anthropology text book.

unAthlete said...

Bob are you the guy I see on campus walking around with the 70.3 fleece on?

Bob Almighty said...

Sorry but no, I actually go to Central in New Britian, although 90% of the time I'm rocking some sort of race tee