Wednesday, September 24, 2008


or for those of you who no habla espanol..


of CenTri..or the CCSU tri club. With Bjoern in Austria, I have siezed power and massive responsibility. Which now means I have to hand in all sorts of paper work set up a meeting time and place....prospective athlete questionaires...practice sessions, what to spend the budget on....nationals..are we sending a team this year to shit talk essence I have the authority to try to implement some positive changes into the club structure.

1. monthly meetings, last year we had a couple of info sessions and a few seminars, but after and between these sessions club interest sort of died...with monthly meetings we can address what's working and what's not, keep tabs on members, organize and reorganize practice routines...

2. get on campus workout group leaders or *gasp* hire/train a team coach...that way we have set work out routines and solid group training.

3. encourage racing...we won't get recognition or growth if we aren't competing. Also at least one race a season where a majority of members are racing ( hammerfest, or madison might be good they're usually in September and would make for a good mixer after the summer season plus they would show what a race entails to new members.

4. USAT membership.

5. Fundraising ,sponsorship, begging ( what ever we can get, we'll take cash, discounts, free equipment, free food, whatever we can get.)Hell I''ll race in NZ again if it'll get us some good press.

Bjoern did a hell of a job as President now it needs to go to the next level if the club is going to last longer then our tenure at CCSU.

The commander in lycra

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iron-boyer said...

I am excited to see you enthusiasm. I will get in touch with you over the phone to let you know the most important things that need to be taken care of.