Saturday, September 27, 2008

State of the athlete address...

Well all in all things are more mixed up and confusing than the couple of times I tried reading Kant. My passions are pulling me one way, my reason another and my checkbook is a least letting me keep things check. I have up a poll on whether or not I should enter the Hartford Marathon. Enter the Bob-o head games now:

Reasons ( Rational) Not to enter:

1. Your run training has sucked over the last month.

2. You have at least one $400 race entry coming up in a month.

3. Schoolwork...papers and research don't do themselves.

4. Work...I always seem to get put on that weekend for some odd reason.

5. Do I really want to miss watching the Kona webcast from my nice warm living room?

Reasons ( Passionate) To enter:

1. Avenge my DNF!!!!

2. Cranky and Speedy take Connecticut.

3. Home Marathon

4.Did I mention the DNF?

5. HEAT discount

6.That DNF is fueling a need to regain my manly worth by doing something crazy..and unlike Angry I have not been lifting enough to pull a VW Bus full of Buddhist monks with my hips....maybe next year.

So will I be doing Hartford..I wouldn't hold my breath on it but if I get the morning off from work anything can happen.

IM New Zealand: No comments, I'll make a formal announcement at a later date. ( ie end of October.) long as I can get to a computer when entries's going to happen...even if it's a show up on Friday...race on Sunday...skip town on Monday deal...I feel comfortable doing this for races were airfare is cheaper than the entry fee, and I don't have to worry about what fruits or vegetables I bring with me. But if ( and a big if because I'm not know for my prowess in the heat.) I qualify for Kona then it allows for me to either by-pass going to the Southern Hemisphere ( unless I want to and have it financially) in 2010 or throwing myself into a race where the climb categories are going into "TDF" range.

Rest of the 09 season....only 2 sacred cows Patriot and the Griskus Sprint...everything or anything else is subject to change, financial situation, acts of God, planetary alignment...dogs and cats together as one...etc..

I got an 8.5 miler in today and felt pretty good, although the long nights and early mornings via school work are taking a toll .Well that's it from my whiny ass.

Sticking the coffee in his veins


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IronMatron said...

Sorry to hear about Nutmeg and mechanical failure. Of course when I dropped my chain I really DID do a face plant, if that makes you feel any better!
I say at least do the 1/2. It won't make up for Nutmegman--only next year's race will do that--but it will give you a focus while you do your other work. Marathons are only like 100 bucks--a small fee compared to the money required to do triahlon. Why not? As for AZ, that's what I thought you should've done in the first place!!:)Good luck with that.