Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I cursed Macca.....or did Specialized screw us both...

Well upon looking over all the post race data from Kona and wondering why Macca ( Chris McCormack )had been forced to drop out on the bike, well as I browsed xtri I found out it was a snapped front Derailleur cable on his sexy S works that had forced him out. Rewind to the Nutmegman Half Iron this year of the site of my DNF. I had a similar problem, the cable didn't snap but the way Specialized wired the rear derailleur cable over the front derailleur cable was causing it to shift slow hence causing the bike to get "stuck" in the big ring at inopportune times, also the fact that my rear tire was loosing air could have added to the feeling of pedaling and going nowhere, or having insane difficultly on hills. (No lie the rear tire was flat when I got to the bike shop to have the derailleur fixed.) a quick fix from Al and the Stomper's been shifting better than it was when I bought it, granted I haven't really ridden since I had it fixed. but in any case I finding a bizarre parallel between my performance at Nutmegman and Macca's performance in Kona:

I dominate my age group at Nutmegman winning by almost 30 min.( sorry Bjoern)
Macca lights up Kona and gets his long awaited victory.

The front Derailleur on my bike seizes up causing me to drop out of Nutmegman while in the top 10.
Macca's Front derailleur cable snaps while he's toward the top of the field.

If something eerily similar happens to Macca and myself next year, I'm going to start banking on this ludicrous hypothesis.


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