Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To Enter or Not to Enter the Middlebury Trifecta...

" I think Cam Brown's going to have his work cut out for him in 09." me in an email to Catherine

"Well when you beat him next year..." Her reply.

Alright the above conversation was me referring to IM Canada Winner Brian Rhodes, but her reply speaks for itself, granted if I ever beat Cam Brown I think I would have quite the argument for a pro card.

Ironman New Zealand for 2009 is looking like it could happen but I'm still up in the air (I've done a lot of homework and price checking. I could still go for under $3k), I know I've got an Iron late in the season ( Arizona), peer pressure is trying to get me into a more budget/schedule friendly race in Florida, While part of me wants to make Kona before I turn 25 the other part of me is saying wait and yet another part is screaming give up on it all together. Well back to Cam Brown, it seems if I can't get to him the tri gods have arranged that maybe Cam Brown will come to me.

Everyone knows every year I race the Pat Griskus Olympic and Sprint Triathlons. Both races are staples on my schedules because they are on my normal training routes , through Middlebury, Woodbury, Washington, Bantam and Bethlehem CT..Well now a third race has been added to the schedule. Heather Gollonick ( don't think I spelled that right) has decided to go the path of Pro-triathlete/race director..well as fate would have it she chose Middlebury CT as the site of the 1st Rev3 Triathlon. Well the race is a half iron and has committed several top pros, including Bree Wee, Desiree Ficker, and the aforementioned Kiwi, Mr. Brown.

This really has the gears turning, before I found out about this race I was planning for a very limited race schedule in preparation for "Operation School Bjoern" ( all in good fun man) with my opener being either the Patriot Tri or the Pat Griskus Olympic as my opener, The Pat griskus Sprint and either Park City or Niantic being boredom killers, and Nutmegman or Mighty Hamptons as my final prep for IM AZ. But now with a Half Iron thrown into my stomping grounds, I feel like I'm stuck in an old school under armour commercial as the words "We must protect this house!" are echoing in my head.

Needless to say my inner Risk benefit analysis computer is working overtime.

I know the routes, I know the lay of the land, hell I train and have raced on these same routes before.

Pros in the Greater Waterbury Area...well I know I won't receive press coverage because I'm not from one of "The" Towns, Middlebury,Southbury, Woodbury, Washington, Nauguatuck, Watertown.... but local athletes going up against the world's best might make some head lines.

It's in early June, which if I'm not doing NZ is when I traditionally start my season.

$250 entry fee!

Swimming at Quassy....could be good, could be bad...could be ugly...

I'll post more on this as I get more details.



unAthlete said...

"The" Towns,...Southbury, ,

We can't all be great.

I'm going to be doing it, so if you could not do it, and let me be one spot closer to the top of the age group, I would really appreciate it, thanks.

Angry Runner said...

I'm really not sure what this post was all about, but you should fuck these bastards up son!!! Beat them to the finish line, and then rumble afterwards!


Trihardist said...

Whatever. Go do it and kick ass. $250 is steep, but not impossible. And you don't have to worry about travel expenses.

Besides which, when the gods give you this kind of opportunity, you can't turn it down!

Speed Racer said...

Now when you say "Early June", how "early" are we talking? Cuz I WANT to come, but I might be in France, England, or Spain. That would really be disappoiting :(

Tough life, I know!

Then again (and I know I've said it before), if you can't afford a $250 half ironman, you shouldn't be spending $3K on a trip to NZ.

Bob Almighty said...

In response:

Unathlete:Train in the are train in the area train in the area...if you can improve your climbing skills on the bike you stand a good shot of burying me.

Angry: Yes! I will fuck mad people up!

Trihardist: I feel the sentiment.

Claire: June 7 2009.

The $250 isn't the issue ( well right now it is because I'm tucking aside for my "A" race, Arizona.)But hopefully it shouldn't sell out anytime soon...

Speed Racer said...