Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's fall in New England...I miss you summer

Well upon getting an email back from Catherine, she's started getting excited because its almost summer in the Southern Hemisphere, well for most of my readers and myself in the Northern Hemisphere this means winter is rapidly approaching ( and some dude at the equator is probably saying what are these "winters and summers of which you speak?") Well anyway, I think I got one of my last rides in shorts in on Saturday. By the time I finished the temps were in the high 40'sF ( >10C) and my feet were beginning to get numb. I picked a cheap set of tights on Sunday as my cycling tights from last year are MIA. I'll most likely plan on picking up toe warmers in a week or so because I'm planning on taking a week off in early November and getting a hellish training regiment in. At least 3 60+ mile rides during the week, plus a century on the weekend...ambitious yes but I want to be in ass kicking shape....plan B (ie my boss can't give me that week off.) is to save that week off and take it at the end of the semester and try to perform the said feat in the bi-polar throws of a New England Winter or count my pennies and sweet talk some friends out in California into taking in a winter refugee for 5-6 days, of hardcore, my muscles haven't ached like this in years training...alla the Southwest Airlines $200 special....in either case there will be a 5-7 day period of outright suffering this winter, most likely it will be close to home.

Ironman New Zealand and Arizona updates: It looks like I'll be able to pull this off. Don't ask how or why....My summer schedule will be a little light but with temps expected in the 90's in November in Tempe I'm going to need those long rides and runs in brutal heat and humidity to prep, myself, as John Hirsch posted in his Kentucky training posts acclimation is key.

If I qualify for Kona, well I'll deal with that if and when it happens. Granted if it happens after Tempe 09, it will allow me to start my season with a defined goal in mind...if it happens after Taupo 09..I live with the philosophy if it's meant to be then things will fall into place to let it be.

Well That's all from me, now I've got to make this degree thing happen.



Runner Leana said...

Yup, cold weather is coming here too. I'm hoping to ride outside as much as I can until snow accumulations on the road make it hazardous. This being Calgary, that could happen any day now...

IMNZ09 - that's awesome!

Ken Schulz said...

Winter is AWESOME! Night riding is a blast and riding in a blizzard is nothin but braggin rights. So I say, suck it up man, and join the rest of us surely north easterners. Arrr matey!

John Hirsch said...

It scares me that anyone would take my advice :)

IMAZ is way easier to get ready for then NZ. I think fall is a good time to train. You come in with a ton of fitness and a year of training. I did a spring IM and just couldnt get to where I needed to be.

Good luck at both!