Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A lot going on...

Well right now between school, work and training for I guess what could be best described as "Bobby's folly"... I find myself in another awkward yet somewhat enjoyable postion between a few girls....( not physically) man, I knew I'd be getting comments on that.... In either case I've got 3 girls at CCSU fighting for my own crush,whom I'll most likely never have, has my morality, ethics, my desire to "do no harm" and libido working overtime....because seriously for me this is a new position. I don't want to hurt anyone...out of this whole chaotic situation, especially because one of the girls has proven to be a pretty good friend...that and I don't want to be a pimp, playa, gigilo, on a list of ex's awaiting assasination, etc.. At the same time, the more dark ,evil, carnal, animalistic side of me is like "dude you're a fox in a chicken coup." Give me some action....Then the little altar boy side of me chimes in again with the whole ethical code I try to live by... So that's where that lies , I am pitted in the common battle for any man a battle between the rational mind and the fire of passion. Damn it Hustle and Flow was ain't easy for a pimp....

This week:
midterms, eh...write some BS papers, study for some BS tests get some BS grades...already had one, I think I two take homes and my sociology exam tonight so this is going to be interesting.

Training..well I've wanted to get some early morning swim sessions in but I've been burning the midnight after mid terms I'm going to take a little time to settle into a routine. Also this weekend my plans for rides have been cut short because I'll be working as a courrier between CT and Newport ( ie my sister needs a ride home then back to school.) Also depends on my work schedule if I'm slated off on Saturday, I'll ride in the morning, same on Sunday, before hauling out to Rhode Island. Also the club meeting tonight will iron out practice time letting me know when I need to coach and when I can train.

Well that's all that's happening at the moment

lookin fo his featha hat, and cane.


Trihardist said...


Trade ya ;-)

sean_caffyn said...

Dude, your in college. Screw morality. This coming from someone who was in the same spot and sqandered it.