Saturday, March 14, 2009

At worst I'll be doing 2 races this season...

Well I forked over some coins and put in my entry to the Park City Mossman. I figure it's a good late summer race and it will keep me motivated in the oh-so-long training period between Hopefully Providence 70.3 and hopefully Kona. If nothing else it will serve my inner power hungry speed demon, nothing like sprinting a mile getting on the bike and redlining for an hour, and then trying to floor it for 10k...Olys are fun aren't they? Other races on the definite list are Patriot and the Griskus Sprint...Providence 70.3 that's a tough one a couple of the guys I met in NZ (Rob and Chris ) are doing it and it does have Kona slots and what better motivation for a triathlete to get back into training than a day with friends and a possible trip to Hawaii....(also I've got enough frequent flier miles to get my ass to LA woot Quantas!) Is Hawaii my destiny?... the next couple of months will tell. Until then I'm going to catch up on class work and maybe ride tomorrow to singal my "return to training." Hey I want to race as an elite again at Patriot and hopefully walk out with a check...if nothing else at least the swim prime like I did last year...

I need to up the mileage on the bike and vary my workouts...I'm thinking of doing big gear time trials at the lake or TT's on the Griskus Loop at least twice a month.
I need to do more track work and fartlek running along with my usual LSD (Long "Slow" Distance).

Weights yeah I've got to get organized with that and start doing shit with kettlebells...gotta love TGUs and snatches and clean and is it just me or do most weight lifting routines sound dirty? Regardless I need to start pumping the's sad when Catherine's arms are more jack than mine...then again she has her own personal weight Nazi, screaming " More deadlifts oh puny one!" in her face. Angry, job opportunity.

Swimming: Stef & Josie kick my ass, make me puke then send me back for more. I want people pissing in their wetsuits with fear when then see me.
Alright I see the road ahead and have fomulated a rough gameplan...onward ho!

Let the suffering begin baby!

The Machine


Speed Racer said...

I thought that a few short months ago you'd said you WEREN'T going to be doing as many races. It looks like you've got an even more packed race schedule than last year! Well, my furry friend, I hope it continues to work out for you. I really do. I couldn't afford to do all those races!

Good luck dealing with Angry's wrath... You're going to need it.

Bob Almighty said...

Claire, only signed up for 2 as of now...everything else is in play it by ear/checkbook mode...granted Patriot looks like it's going down as does the Griskus sprint ( as it is relatively cheap.)

Providence is debatable..all I know is I'm not going to be as traveling as far as I did in 08...the gas money to MD in the height of the gas crisis killed me. It must have been entry into 4 local races easily.

Angry Runner said...

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