Sunday, March 15, 2009

ARGGGG! More bike troubles.

Well today it was absolutely gorgeous so I broke out the bike and went to Middlebury to ride. Sadly I got about a mile in and as I tried to shift into my climbing gears...tension and no shifting I got off got the shifter to move but no response on the gears. I'm assuming I snapped the rear derailleur cable...arggg. This is the third new cable in as many months. I'm at the point of buying he bulk box of cables and a stand that's how many times I've seen this proceedure done... hell I could probably go for my mechanic's cert for this stuff and start turning a profit...well ok I'm not that skilled...yet but I'm getting there. I'm not sure what did it, Southern Hemisphere road grime, TSA oh so gentle hands searching my bike case for weapons of mass destruction, shifting during flight, a little gatorade getting on the cable and causing it to stick...etc..all I know is it needs a new cable so I can get riding again, because not doing anything outdoors with weather like this is a sin.


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Runner Leana said...

Sorry to hear about the bike troubles. Thankfully that didn't happen on the race last weekend!