Friday, April 24, 2009

I have a paper due Wednesday..

and can you guess the weather forecast: Sunny, warm, with an incredibly light wind....
Alright papers haven't prevented me from training before so I just have to HTFU and get it done.

This week my training has been crap....I haven't swum in a week and my only activity has been a 10k I ran on an indoor track...on Tuesday. I guess I can chalk this up to being a rest week. Sadly my lack of exercise is taking itself out on my personality...I seem to be lacking testosterone, hopelessly crushing on some chick, just emotionally a mess, lacking all rationality, having the sudden urge to drink diet soda with a little umbrella in it...damn it I need to do something manly...and quick...before I start watching Sex and the City reruns and ordering Cosmos..oh wait I'm going to have to do that Saturday night ( have to visit a gay bar for a law class project and then write about what it's like to be a minority for a night.).

So in order to save my manly worth I'm going to do some decent training this weekend.

Tonight: an 8 miler followed by a 3000-4000 yard swim, followed by paper writing.

Saturday Morning Swim, Afternoon: a 70 miler and a 5-10k run brick followed by my night at a minority establishment, and paper writing.

Sunday: I'm going to be a heathen and skip mass and go for a Long ride then a long writing session.

My training mileage should start going up in a couple weeks as things start winding down at school...then begins the job hunt for a better paying gig or at least a couple of side gigs I've got debts to pay and dreams to plan for. Otherwise I may be auctioning a kidney on ebay...but we'll see what happens.

Juan Valdez is still my homeboy.


iron-boyer said...
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iron-boyer said...

hey contact me about the long ride on sunday...don't forget about me ...I am in...but you will be on your own in the gay bar...sorry. (this is not supposed to be discriminating)