Monday, April 20, 2009


Well Today is Patriots' Day in Mass. and as usual the world's fastest marathoners will embark on a 26.2 mile pilgrimage from Hopkington to the Center of the "City on a Hill." Along the way there will be epic duels and heartbreaking hill, screaming sorority girls, some slack jawed gawkers leaving a Red Sox game, most likely moaning that these freaking runners take too damn long, and why couldn't they take up a real sport like say , Baseball, for instance. Growing up as a runner in New England this is the one race you have burned into your mind from an early age. You hear the stories about people like Bill Rodgers, Joan Benoit, Rodgers Rop,Alberto Salazar the big names of endurance running have made their mark here. Today I know a couple of guys running this thing and hopefully one day have the pleasure or pinning a bib number to my chest and engaging in this thing...but for today...God's Speed Cranky Runner.

Edit # 1: Cranky was through 5k @23:38 on pace for a sub 3:20 marathon! Sorry my math was wrong on the first go round.

Edit# 2 Cranky's through 10k on 3:17 marathon pace.

Edit #3 At 15k Cranky has done 1:10:36
On the elite side of the race a couple of Kenyans have tried to break but Ryan Hall of the US has been hanging tight all day.

Edit #4 Cranky's through 20k...aww screw this race traking on my blog go to the Boton marathon website and use the athlete tracker also watch this thing both the elite races are tight.

Edit #5 Cranky finished in a 3:28...I'm looking forward to his race report. Hopefully one day I'll have my own tale of Boston glory to post up here.

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Bullet said...

Wow, how about the women's race? Goucher was sooo close! Props to Goucher and Hall for finishing third. Great runs.