Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Prefontaine..Prefontaine... Why have you forsaken me?/ Beware the Ides of April !

Alright my run training has been non-existent and it's killing me. I did a 5k off the bike on Sunday and my legs were so tired I felt like I was going to collaspe a mile in. I have more pressing things going on in my life but have I become that lazy that I can not devote an hour or two to running every other day? I try to wake up early but the snooze button is sweet. I try to go after class but I'm just exhausted and besides I need to research...which that doesn't happen...stupid facebook...stupid aim....spent half the night talking to a friend whom I taking to her commencement ball at Salve.

April 15 I have to throw down coin for my cap and gown...Professor 1 is getting me a grade...gotta iron out things with professor 2 and the anthropology department...same time I have to NOT FAIL...anything this semester...and I'll graduate...then start the "oh shit" process of getting into a Post Bac. Science program and then medical training....then hopefully get my little white coat...and work until I drop dead....or pay off my debt what ever comes first.
April 15 is also the date I find out if I made Kona via the lotto and the date entries open for Ironman New Zealand 2010...and oh yeah payments for HEAT uniforms are due.... and a little thing called tax day...wait I already filed...cross that off the list.

I seriously need to run...if nothing else to clear my mind. So after work my 8 mile loop and I are getting reacquainted. Saturday is supposed to suck weather wise so I'm thinking a 8 miler then as well...figure it'll be better to run in the cold and wet then to ride in the cold and wet. I need to rebuild my base because I want to head into Patriot and Providence with a better run leg than last year. A 1:47 is ok...but when there are guys capable of pulling 1:27's I need to get down into the 1:35 range... My swim has always been my savior, I lose some time on the bike and the run is hit or miss, I manage to catch some of the uber bikers, but get annihilated by the fast kids..so it equals out...I'm solid, I'm consistent, I just need to be faster, especially for the goals I want to achieve.

Well that's it for me.
Back to the grind.


Bullet said...

Dude, I'm sending three magical chill pills for you to use. Use them wisely and don't waste 'em. Sounds like you've got a lot going on. Running seems to have become a part of what's making you sick rather than a possible cure. Get back to running for how it makes you feel and for the enjoyment of it. It'll seem less of a stresser. And no, Prefontaine is good and faithful. He'll always be there to welcome you back.

Charisa said...

I need some swim pointers - I'll trade you for run pointers :)

iron-boyer said...

Don't stress yourself so much. I know you wanna accomplish everything in the matter of no time but there is no time limit for accomplishments. Try to concentrate on your major goals and stop spreading yourself to thin. Devote more quality time to what is important to you. You have too much stuff going on. Like the bullet said...take a chill pill.

MaineSport said...

What the hell is it about Kona? April 15 is circled....unless I catch NBC on Sunday when the announce the lotto winners.