Thursday, April 2, 2009

Work, Class, Train, Papers, Sleep, Repeat.

Alright to explain a little bit on the April Fool's post....I'm not becoming a Catholic Priest although at one point I was realistically considering it ( no lie, just ask Angry Runner.)... the no wife/girlfriend/ sex ...ever and do what the bishop tells you to do even if you don't agree with it clauses really didn't appeal to me. (Especially the latter due to my stance on gay rights/ separation of Church and state.) It's not for everybody so my hats off to the guys who do it.

Alright that out of the way, my life is starting to get back into routine post spring break and post New Zealand...I'm starting to get a little more sleep at night, my workouts are starting to get scheduled around courses, and I'm getting back into order. Life is starting to get into balance...the sad thing the papers are coming due....I have a proposal to crank out for my 25 page thesis, a five pager on late Wiemar/ early Nazi Germany, A memo for law, A ten pager for my modern Germany course, get things organized with my professors and deans so hopefully I'll be handed my degree and not an empty envelope in with my advisor just in case I have to comeback in Sept. which also means filing financial aid just in case.
All that is a little confusing....but we wouldn't be UConn's bastard sibling....I mean the wonderful Connecticut State University system if it weren't for our bureaucracy.

I renewed my USAT membership for I just have to enter one more race to make it worth the $40. They got rid of the online processing fee but instead jacked up the annual fee...seriously I looked at the registration for Tri NZ $5NZD That's $2.50 USD for a memebership...granted NZ has ACC so if some psycho motorist takes you out...the state covers your medical bills ( well this they cover anyway.) and damages although this means you can't sue....Cat seemed to look at me perplexed when I commented on a dude I knew at Fordham.He got hit on his entry level Trek and upgraded to a pimped out version with the proceeds from his suit...mental anguish pays dividend$! Also apparently you can insure your bike down there ( similar to auto insurance),but anyway $40 is seeming like it's a little ridiculous.

I'm going to wait until my next check to sign up for Patriot...I'm planing on going as an elite again to try to set a blistering pace in the swim, also it will be a good hard tune-up for Providence, and it's always nice to have a clear road on the bike....if I can manage to place I'm not going to lie a $300 or $200 check would be sweet, but even an overall top 5 or top 10 would be a huge morale booster.

Still have to sign up for the Griskus Sprint...then the season after Providence is up in the air. I have Park City to keep me motivated... if I make Kona then all resources will be pooled to that...if I don't Niantic might be a fun race to do again, and the Hartford Marathon...or just the marathon...or maybe the Redman full? or just pool up for my next Ironman. Haven't thought about that yet but 09 looks to be better than 08.

Looking ahead.


Judi said...

school, training, work, that's a lot on your plate. i can't believe i am going to say this but....

I don't know how you kids do it.

yea, i am old. it's ok.

Angry Runner said...

Griskus Sprint
Park City
Hartford Marathon
Redman Full(?)

And i forget if you had anything before patriot.

I thought you were cutting back this year for obvious reasons? Why then are you looking to do so many races if you were bitching a few weeks ago that you were saving your money or whatever? Planning 6-8 races will cost you money, you know this.

Bob Almighty said...

Judi: Sometimes I wonder myself.

Angry: It would be Redman or Hartford and since I really don't feel like flying to Oklahoma race schedule is set with 5...if I have the cash to do anything else great!...if not I think the Roxbury Road races are still free....if they aren't then I'll bandit them.

sue said...