Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I need to get out of this place....

if it's the last thing I ever do.

Well on that refrain I have decided to give up triathlon. To give up my crazy quest to have some girl like me and settle down with me and seek personal glory.I have decided to answer the call and become a Catholic Priest. I talked to Father Rod Limpus at the Archdiocese of Hartford and have decided to enter the seminary ASAP. I feel that this self reflective road and life of service will help make me a better human being and fufill my true place in the universe. I have decided that I will enter the Benedictine Monestary, The Abbey of St. Michael in Carlsbad, CA for my theological studies. There I can cloister myself away from the world and truly reflect on what is important. This abbey tends to be a little strict so this might be my last blog post for a while, also they tend to be super strict on the no women thing so to all my female acquaintances this is the end of the line for our friendship...or at least for the next 7 years as I study for ordination, or try to keep contact with me through Father Rod. His email is

Well I've got to go I've got a lot of shit...stuff to sell on ebay.

Ok I couldn't write it with a straight face.
Happy April Fools' Day Everybody!

Also nothing against guys going into the Roman Collar club but it simply isn't for me. This coming from years of contempleation.

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Charisa said...

So happy to hear you chose Carlsbad, CA!! :) Perhaps I can come to confession sometime and you can help me - haha! Happy April 1!!!