Monday, May 4, 2009

20 miles in 2 if I could just turn that into 20 pages...

Well ok it's probably closer to 18.
This Saturday was supposed to be devoted to my thesis...I was supposed to be a good little scholastic and chain myself to my desk...I...took a nap and went running...then went to my sister's play and then out for the time I got back nothing got done.

Sunday...this was it I actually got some a page and a half done...then the phone buddy Tony was looking for a running partner for a 5-10 mile run. I figure what could an hour or two wasn't like I was going for a 4 hour bike tour of Litchfield County. Well Tony and I went out for a loop of Southington holding 7:24/mile pace....for 9 miles...needless to say when I got home the compression socks went on and I curled up on the couch and fell asleep...sat at the computer from 9PM on and I just couldn't focus.

A lot has hit me in the past week so I'm just trying to carry on and get through...hopefully tonight will yield some better paper writing. It's just I've had a lot to think about regarding my future. I think the other issue with my paper is I know what I want to write and who to quote, it's just the tedium of writing it. I'm hoping that by writing first and citing later it won't come back to haunt me, knowing my luck I'd forget to cite one sentence and all of a sudden be caught in the mother of all academic dishonesty crimes.

Well that's it for me...back to the grind.


iron-boyer said...

I have little good news for you. I brought my stuff to the island this weekend so you have all next weekend to devote to your paper but thank you for offering the ride.

Charisa said...

Good luck with the paper! You will get it done!!!