Saturday, May 9, 2009

De Plauge boss De plauge!

Well the seasons are changing hence that means my semi annual sinus draining is in effect. This year it's a little annoying in that it caused me to lose my voice...yet I somehow manage to make it to the office every day go figure. Today not much on tap... Work, a pool session, maybe a run ,work on my thesis before meeting up with a newbie tri geek in New Haven. The stuffy sinues killed my training yesterday as I pretty much napped,popped some pharmacy brand cough Halls lemon flavor is better... got the last minute items for commencement ball, came back home, ate and slept some more...between my thesis and this crap the training's really in the crapper....after graduation that will hopefully change....along with better nutrition.

Also in the news Tom Boonen got busted for coke... again Needless to say he won't be going to the TDF...there goes my Green Jersey pick...Looks like I'll be rooting for Mark Cavendish or Robbie McEwen.

That's all for me hopefully I'll have a positive training post later this week...after the papers get done of course.

Cough cough..wheeze...

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Runner Leana said...

Oh wow, that is a sad story about Boonen...