Friday, June 26, 2009

I guess part of me is looking for trouble...

Well tonight my buddy Ryan from Nashville, The Angry One, and my friend Adam will be making our Semi-annual trip to the Mohegans in hopes of bringing back much Wampum...hopefully they won't wampus in the process.
Here are the draw backs tomorrow I have work and a ride I can't miss. So there will be little to no "liquid courage" going down my gullet tonight. Also it's a Friday so we need to find the rare $5 table and hit it hard until it becomes a $10 table. Hopefully Ryan's luck, Angry's Probability Skills, Adam's cyncism, and my risk taking will be a mutually profitable proposition. But enough on the Craps table.

Yesterday I got a 9 miler in for my first run since Patriot. This morning I threw down about 3000 yards in the pool as I was into work late. Tomorrow a Ride/ run brick is in order. Sunday another ride/ Run Brick ( more emphasis on the run on Sunday.) The training is coming along but having Ryan in town has helpped me get some of the rest I need. Also my race photos are posted at Capstone. I like the run pics but I look like Jabba the hut on the bike. I need to do more weight work so that will be my focus after Providence because if I'm going to Kona I'm going to need it for endurance and injury prevention, or if I'm not I'm going to need the strength and power.

Well that's it for me Come on 5 be good to Bobby!

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