Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rest Week and Regroup.

Alright earlier I had the I need to get a second job to save my financial life post. I deleted it just because it put too much of a negative twinge on things. I seriously do need to get a second gig ( I'm planning on staying at the bank for the time being as there is nothing that you can really do with a BA in History in this economy except maybe law school and even then unless you go to Harvard or Yale you really aren't guarenteed anything except a 7 figure student loan payment.)

So I'm looking at the battered retail sector to see if can find a part time gig to hold me through until I get over the "I should have majored in Accounting ,Engineering, or Medical Science Blues." and find that elusive job I can get with a History BA.

Part of my psyche is still reeling from the post tramatic shock of what this weekend cost me so if I'm a little on edge it's because I took a financial hit and am wondering if it was worth the effort and resources I put forward in Providence. I've decided a week of minimal training is in order to help my mind and body recharge, as well as to focus on the professional aspect of my life. I figure just do some work in the pool maybe break out the bike this weekend and then start ramping up for my last race of the summer in August. After that It's just going to be work, maybe look into getting my coaching cert, look at grad school, should I go for a Phd in History or settle for my masters in education...I don't know where to go from this point on but my racing is going to the back burner for a while.


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Angry Runner said...

PLAN. You need a PLAN. A specific, detailed PLAN.

Take some time off and figure it out. Put it on paper.

And get in the weightroom.