Friday, July 17, 2009

Thinking about hanging it up...for a while...

Alright I'm serious this time

I'm thinking about taking 2010 off.

No Ironmans

No Halves

No Marathons

No road races

Not even a Sprint tri/ hugathon.

Now before I get the flood of stop bitching you didn't do THAT bad in Providnece, RI 70.3 has nothing to do with this decision...well maybe the financial part of it.

I've sat down and looked at the check book and the bills...I owe a lot of cash and don't have enough coming in....and even less if I keep tossing it around on a "lesiure sport." I need to go to work tackle my issues and then when I have them partially resolved can I come back to sport. Maybe the reason I'm stepping away is because I feel lke Icarus, I findout I could fly with these spiffy new wings got too close to the sun and have crash landed in the Agean. Now I have two options wash off my wing residue and swim back to dry land or sit here and drown.

I've already had people tell me I shouldn't give up competing that it will kill me and other such crap. The thing is I feel this is a sacrifice I have to make. If I give up something I love until I get my act together maybe that will motivate me to work harder to straighten things out. My attitude the last few races has been in burned out crispy mode, I have a lot if issues on my mind and if I can't focus 100% on my racing then it's not worth it. As Pre once stated "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." I have one race left this season an Oly so I'm not really going to have to devote alot of mileage to it. Maybe somewhere between here there and the 2010 season I'll rekindle my flame and this will be a post I'll look back on and be like "man I wrote that!" Maybe I will take 2010 off all I know is right now I seem to be swamped by a sea of troubles and I only have a tube of silly putty worth of solutions. So I need to refocus, on life in general and my racing is very low on that priority scale.



iron-boyer said...

if that is what you feel you need to do than do it but maybe you can find a compromise because giving up something you love won't make you happy. Racing Ironman NZ, Ironman 70.3 Providence, and all those other expensive races on your schedule isn't neccessary. There is a cheap way to enjoy this sport too and that doesn't make it less worthy. You could race the Lake Terramuggus series and the Nutmeg Half for a fraction of what you have spend this season.
And if you do decided to take time off I hope you will keep practicing with us.

Paul W said...

Remember the lesson of college. As crass as it sounds, you have to pay before you play. The necessity is learning balance. You have all the necessary skills needed to succeed in many areas. It is just a matter of learning the proper emphasis to keep your life in balance.

I've know you for a few years and I know you are thoughtful and intelligent individual. You have the ability to hold onto many things that you are passionate about. A brief time off may be all you need.

Best of luck.