Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Apologies and what's been going down

Hey there readers....if there are any of you still out there. I'm still alive and making through. A lot is happening on the home front so I apoligize for not keeping up with posts and reading yours I plan on devoting half a weekend to it.

I completed Manchester on Thanksgiving granted I was over a minute slower than last year.I blame that on lack of training as I was laid up with a head cold and some drama on the home front. Still my time wasn't too bad a 32:27 still fast enough to get seeded in the sub 35 corral next year. I would like to go into more detail and talk on how I was put in the corral with the sub 30 people but my internet connection is kind of finicky.

Congrats to Speedy Claire in her Ironman Cozmuel adeventure she managed to pull a 12 hour race from the jaws of a DNF.

I'm still sort of schleping through winter training doing a lot of swimming and running since my bike is in storage and there's no Ironman New Zealand on the agenda. Also my hodge podge training and whatever is available diet has caused me to go from my usual 165-170 to the 175-180 lbs. range.

Still considering Navy OCS but I'm not really sure. My parents are screaming it would be a mistake and I kind of see their light on the issue. I'm not the best person under stress granted I've been under stress for the last two years,especially this year and managed to function. Granted I tend to get a little snappy and sour and well just not the type of person most would want to be around. Likewise my other alternatives aren't looking too pleasant either. Option one is go back to working two retail jobs until the economy gets back in gear...this is sort of the reason I went to college in the first place. and with the economy in its current slump not necessarily the most available options as some place tend to turn down people with degrees as being "over qualified." The second is attempt grad school in 2010-2011 which means another year of trying to juggle bills and student loans then taking out more debt to get a sheet of paper that might get me the opportunity to get a job, but not really guarantee it. essentially I'm torn in what to do. I could see my self in grad school I could but let's face it a BA in History might as well be toliet paper. And a MA in Education with a BA in history might toss you into the fray for the 20 or someodd openings for history teachers. I would like to go into medicine and as my dad has suggested I could do Public Health Services when I get that coveted sheep skin but that means taking out loans for a year of post Bac. and then 4 years of Med School.or 2 years of Chiropractic, still it's a lot of coin up front.
I'm getting back into training because if I do decide to become the first commissioned officer in my family then I want the physical part of OCS to be as painless as possible. I look at the website for it and sort of had to chuckle when they wrote we will be doing 10-12 miles of running weekly...that's sort of a vacation compared to the 20-30 miles I normally do weekly on top of swimming, cycling and weights. Indeed the physical part is the easy part for me. The Mental challenge of having to follow strict protocols for tasks as basic as eating might be where I'd have a problem. Likewise add in officers and drill sergeants screaming at me for the sheer purpose of creating the most stressful enviroment possible and I'm just not sure how I'd take it. I might be fine but without a daily release like my long run or swim and I'm just not sure.

At the same time there's been a lot of drama on the home front that I just can't really get into. But needless to say this is also contributing to my cloudy visions of the future, as I essentially feel like I'm sailing in limbo. So that's what's been going on here. Time keeps moving into the future and the time to act is approaching but I'm just not sure which course of action to take.


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GeorgiaSnail said...

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and it will even out.