Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back into Training: Looking forward to a better 2010.

Well after looking at the scale looking in the mirror, and just plain looking at life in general I decided to get back into hardcore training. (sadly I can't bike as I put the thing in storage until I figure out my living arrangements.) This week I was putting up swim numbers like I did during the early phases of my Ironman Training. Four sessions 3 of which were at 4000 yards or more. Last nights main set I brrow from Belinda Granger's REV3 workout. 400 swim 8x50's 400 swim 4x100, I added a 400 pull to each set for added yardage and to actively rest for the next one. So my workout looked like this 400 swim on 5:30 8X50 on :45 400 pull on 6:00 400 swim on 5:30 4x100 on 1:25 400 Pull on 6:00. I wasn't holding the 1:20/100 yard pace Granger was in June but I figure it's a start.
I've also got my running back up to speed doing 2x 7.75ish milers on Tuesday and Today.
Today's run was made even more fun by the prescence of Snow..yay..uhg....
Alright it's not sticking but it did make me second guess going out the door. In the end I pulled up my big boy pants HTFUed and got the job done. Especially as it was mixed with some mini sleet.

I need to increase my run frequency but my shoes are on their last gasp of life and I packed the wonderful little warranty slip which would allow me to get another set for free and Ican't seem to find it.The thing is I really don't want to/ can't really afford to fork over another $80 right Santa could you please leave a pair of size 11.5 New Balance 769s under the tree?

As for my 2010 schedule it's all up in the air. I've had other priorities to focus on/ figure out but I really do want to race next season. And I sort of want to keep my perfect attendence/finish streak alive at Patriot. Afterall it's a nice little race and New England's fastest half. Likewise my main goal for 2010 is I want to train like a pro, I want to eat like a pro, hell I want to be a pro. I want to be able to get my USAT pro card by the time I'm 30, which gives me five years. I also want to get to Kona before I either go pro or go into the uber competive 30-49 brackets. So I've got five years to get my mind and my body with the program. Maybe that's why I was/am considering the military. I've always been naturally good at a lot of things but I've always had doubts, second guessed myself, had my mind stuck in other things than the task at hand, always looked to others for guidance. I need focus, I need to stop second guessing I need to , as Jon Blais so elgantly put, live in the moment. I need to stop thinking and start doing. I need to trust that I can make the right decisions even if they are unpopular.

I think that was my major problem in 2009. I had some excellent races but was so worried about my checkbook, and what was going to happen after the race that I really didn't enjoy the races themseleves or even the travel itself. I mean I enjoyed New Zealand because hey it's New Zealand or as Scott Tinley put it "California before we messed it up." I'm an urban legend in Taupo and unlike the my time in the Bronx it's not for all the wrong reasons.And quite frankly I had the money at the time that I didn't have to worry about my next meal or the car payment. But Rhode Island and Patriot, I just seemed so drained from stresses on the home front and crap like "I need $100 worth of gas and food and I've only got $60 in the bank." that it just seemed to lose it's luster. So on the racing front in 2010 I need to just focus on my races and damn it have fun in them.

So that's been my reflection on a snowy Saturday afternoon.
The Winter Wanderer


Josie said...

Your bike misses you. I put it in the back room with the road bikes so it doesn't get too lonely ;)

Tony said...

It all gets better with time. Money wise. Your right enjoy your races, thats where all the fun is.